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Have you considered replacing your kitchen doors to make your kitchen more beautiful and stylish? United Kitchen Co is here to offer you a stunning kitchen make over at competitive rate. By installing a new kitchen entrance door and also cabinet doors, we provide you a stunning and appealing kitchen that save you money, time and hassle.

Our company has more than thousands of entry door designs for your kitchen that give your kitchen its overall feel and also match with your kitchen themes, appliances and other hardware kitchen accessories. We are also confident that we have a style and colours in our kitchen doors that suited to every taste. We also provide a vast range of top-brand kitchen door appliances to improve the look of your kitchen door as well as the entire kitchen. Our door hardware in Sydney is installed by a professional fitting team that perform their duties on highest standards.

As a leading home improvement centre, United Kitchen Co designs and manufactures the kitchen entrance doors and cabinet doors in different types, sizes and shapes such as aluminum doors, timber doors, raw MRMDF doors, hard form doors, white or coloured laminated doors, vacuum formed doors, polyurethane sprayed doors and much more. Our doors are extremely strong, durable and highly secure. Our different models of kitchen doors differentiate by their technical capabilities.


The entrance door profiles are generally based on a multi-chamber system that offer structural strength to the door. At United Kitchen Co, we are best known for the unique and creative designs of entrance door profiles. The best feature of our quality profiles is that they minimise the heat transfer between inside and outside of the kitchen.

Door Panels:

A quality range of door panels is available at United Kitchen Co in custom-sized designs. To give a smooth and modern look, the panel is either placed into the inner frame or mounted onto the frame. Our door panels are the perfect in designs and functionality. Our premium quality door panels will deliver you the desired style for your kitchen with different colour options.

Handles and Hardware:

At United Kitchen Co, we are also offering you the first rated handles and hardware for your kitchen doors. We design two types of handles i.e, interior and exterior handles. Interior handles are usually door knobs, while exterior handles can be push bars and push handles. We supply a large variety of handles and hardware in different versions such as straight, square, rounded and much more.

Are you looking to buy and install a perfect door in your kitchen? Contact us within business hours.