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A Kitchen is considered the heart of a home where not only a tasty meal is cooked, but where people sit together and enjoy the feast with their loved ones. It is also the place where people also share their happiness and sorrows with their family. It is the place where people create lots of memories of their lives. Thatís why, people always give some special attention and care to their kitchens, whenever they consider a home building or renovation project.

If you want to make your kitchen dreams a reality, then you have come to the right place.

United Kitchen Co   is here to offer you the perfect solution regarding your kitchen renovation exactly the way that you dream it.

Custom Made Kitchens   are the recognised products of our company. Our unique and stunning kitchen designs are beyond your imaginations. Either you want something stylish or traditional, we tailor you the best design with elegance, smart appeal and modern touch.

All of our kitchens are custom made that are well-matched to your culinary needs and desires. You can customise your kitchen according to your choices and needs, we also offer:


United Kitchen Co can offer you a range of options for layout of your custom kitchen in Sydney. We design and manufacture the kitchens that have the perfect place for the sink, refrigerator and the cooktop in a triangle layout.

Cabinet Size:

At United Kitchen Co, we can customise your cabinet sizes according to your needs. We are pleased to recommend sizes that are also suitable for other customers.


Your benchtop is a significant feature of your custom made kitchen. Our specialists can design and manufacture bench tops in a massive range of finishes and to the exact sizes that you want for your custom kitchen in Sydney.


Backsplash is the easiest and most versatile approach to personalise your kitchen space. These have the potential to be the unique and appealing item in your custom made kitchen design. If you want to know more about unmatched products and services, we offer no-obligation quote service. Contact us today to make your appointment.

Custom Made Kitchens